Review: The Stanton Series (All Three Books)

Title: The Stanton Series (Adore, Unconditional and Completely)
Author: TL Swan

Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: TL Swan

Pub Date: Multiple
Rating: 3.5-4 Stars

Our thoughts...
Hot~ Drama~Forbidden~ Soul Mate

Reviewing an entire series as a whole is different than reviewing the individual books in a series. You don’t have the waiting, the time for making predictions. You just read, read, read, and then process.  I liked the fact that I hadn’t read the first two books when they were first released; I hate waiting.  Plus, I’m not sure waiting would’ve worked out for me with this series.

I loved Josh Stanton.  He is Alpha male to the MAX! He really does have it all…the looks, money, a string of woman, and a forbidden love.  I have a like/hate relationship with Natasha. She is smart, beautiful, and nerdy. She is way too much of a drama queen for me though. The supporting characters are great in this series (Abbie, Didge, Murphy, Max, and Cameron). They added just the right amount of humor, sass, and drama to the story without being too strong.

Giving this series a star-rating was difficult.  I liked Stanton Adore (book 1).  I could’ve almost loved it, but there was just too much drama, too much back and forth between Josh and Natasha.  I just wanted them to have a window of smooth sailing. They had already fought so hard to get to where they were. With Stanton Unconditional (book 2), I was beyond frustrated.  I just couldn’t relate with Natasha; I didn’t understand her reasoning.  Finally in Stanton Completely (book 3), I started to see the communication and progress that these two characters should have had all along.  I was starting to really like the book, and then the last 20 % ruined it for me.  It was just too much, too over-the-top, and that killed it for me.

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