Review: Tight by Alessandra Torre

Title: Tight
Author: Alessandra Torre

Genre: Romance, Suspense, Erotica
Publisher: Alessandra Torre

Pub Date: February 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

Riveting ~ Heart-Wrenching ~ Tenacious

Alessandra Torre does what so many writers fail to do: she grows with each story she writes. Every book is a step above the last. Every story, every set of characters, even the quality of her writing has continuously upped the bar she previously set. Tight is no exception.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot for fear of saying anything that could trigger an idea. I will say that I enjoyed the effect of how the chapters are set up. When I initially looked at the table of contents I raised a brow but it all makes sense (of course it does, it’s Alessandra Torre!). The back-and-forth between Riley/Brett and Kitten caused me to change my mind about what was really going on several times (I should have stuck with my first guess…). The story unfolds in a way that feels neither rushed nor dragged and the characters develop thoroughly. There are many steamy scenes but this is not an erotica story with a good plot. This is a great suspense romance novel that happens to have some steamy scenes. Big difference in my opinion.

What would you do if your happiness was suddenly riddled with suspicion? How would you react if you lost the things that matter most to you? How hard would you fight if your freedom was viciously taken? “This is not a story of servitude. This is a story of strength” sums this story up so well. Never underestimate the power of true love.

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