Polly's Review: A Veil of Vines by Tillie Cole

Title: A Veil of Vine
Author: Tillie Cole
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Tillie Cole

Pub Date: November 27, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

I went into to this one after already knowing that a few of my friends didn't like it so I was a little scared that I would follow the same path but to my surprise I found that I actually enjoyed it.

I think that this was a different type of book that Tillie usually writes. It wasn't high on angst and was super sweet.

She weaves a tale about forbidden love that at times may have been too descriptive but I still found it captivating.

I loved the two main characters. A few time I found them to be a little overdramatic but not enough that it would have made them unlikeable.

If you are looking for a modern day royal book with low angst, medium steam, and a slow burn then this one is for you.

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  1. Thanks for review Polly, I like when the author writes something a little different!