Terri's Review: Breaching The Contract by Chantal Fernando

Title: Breaching The Contract
Series: Conflict of Interest #1

Author: Chantal Fernando
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Pocket Star

Pub Date: September 18, 2017
Rating: 3 Stars

Our thoughts...

This was my first book by Chantal Fernando and it fell a bit short in my opinion. Everything was just too easy for Tristan and Katerina. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for there to be some sort of drama. Something to keep me engaged.

Katerina is fresh out of law school. She wants to make a name for herself. She could’ve taken an associate position at any law firm but she chose Bentley & Channing  Law firm based off of personal reasons. 

Tristan is a single father who is trying to do his best, then he is dealt a blow that he didn’t see coming. He handles the situation the way men seem to, silence and alone time. Thank goodness that Katerina didn’t let that continue for too long.

Breaching the Contract had potential, it just lacked some good meat on the inside. I didn’t feel any connection with the characters, why they should or shouldn’t be together or even why it was that forbidden for them to be together. I get the whole ‘workplace romance restrictions’ but usually companies have you sign a contact stating you know this information. Nothing was mentioned in this story other than her opinion about why this is frowned upon.

Complaining aside, I would give this author another chance. I can see the potential in her writing. I would’ve liked a longer epilogue. 

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