Ashley's Review: Only Love by Melanie Harlow

Title: Only Love
Series: One and Only #3

Author: Melanie Harlow
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Melanie Harlow

Pub Date: November 26, 2018
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

With each book this series gets better! I love how with each book you see the other characters make an appearance. I have to say I love grams, she’s a trip and loves her granddaughters fiercely.

Stella in a therapist and the oldest of three sisters. She likes to play it safe and doesn’t take a chance in the romance department for herself. When it comes to relationships she plays it safe. She never thought her boyfriend was going to break up with her. 

Stella ends up at her grams house to help her out and make sure she’s ok. She wasn’t expecting the boy next door at all. He is a former marine having a hard time adjusting to civilian life. Ryan keeps to himself and helps grams out with things around the yard and house.  Grams is on a mission to play matchmaker and knows they would be good together. The chemistry between Ryan and Stella is undeniable. 

I really enjoyed this book and all the characters. Melanie Harlow has a way with words and always delivers! I highly recommend this series.

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