Ashley's Review: Keeping You Away by Kennedy Fox

Title: Keeping You Away
Series: Ex-Con Duet Series #1

Author: Kennedy Fox
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Kennedy Fox

Pub Date: July 16, 2020
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I am so glad to see some of the old characters in this book. Keeping You Away pulled me in from the first page and held me captive. I loved this book and can’t wait for the next book in this duet. 

I loved Tyler, he was just released from prison for crimes he didn’t commit. Now he is ready to get his life back and head back home to his hometown in Alabama. He never thought he would be heading back to his hometown. It has been twelve years since he has been back.

Gemma is Tyler’s sisters’ best friend. She has had a crush on Tyler for a long time. They end up becoming pen pals while he is away. These two have intense chemistry and are so cute together. She has moved on with her life and is engaged to be married.

I can’t wait for the conclusion to this duet. I need to know how Tyler and Gemma’s story ends. Must Read!

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