Cover Reveal: The Boss Upstairs by Roya Carmen

Title: The Boss Upstairs
Series: Orchard Heights
Author: Roya Carmen
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 27, 2020

For fans of The Ground Rules trilogy, Weston is back, and naughtier than ever, in this sweet and steamy boss secretary romance. 

Gretchen Morris is barely thirty, yet she’s already a widow. Ethan, her two-year old boy, is the light of her life. This is it for her. She will never love anyone like she loved her late husband, Donovan. Every hour, he’s in her thoughts, in her heart, not letting go. She’s completely shattered because he’s gone, and every single day, she must live with the knowledge that she’s the one to blame.

She’s nothing but a hollow shell, going through her life on auto pilot, trying to be strong for Ethan, but failing miserably. She’s looking to become self-sufficient again, to head back into the job market and start a new chapter.

Surprisingly, all it takes is one jolt to bring her back to life; an opportunity to work with the reclusive wealthy man in the penthouse upstairs.

Weston Hanson is odd, beautiful, sweet, playful, and unlike anyone she’s ever met before. And he’s as broken as she is. He’s lived a man’s worst nightmare, gone through a divorce, and let go of a woman he loved dearly. He’s still obsessed with this woman and cannot move past the regrets in his life. 

Can two people fall in love if their souls are full of broken memories, and their hearts are still held captive by others?

“Amazing,” I say, jaw still on the floor. “I’d love this closet.”

He smiles. “I’m sure it would be more colorful if it were yours.”

“It definitely would be. I love color.”

I stand in front of his impressive collection of ties, each one more fabulous than the previous one. They are folded neatly into a series of small square cubbies, every pattern in the book; plaid, paisley, stripes, solids, flowers and even polka-dots. “This spot is quite colorful.”

I can feel him as he inches closer behind me. My body stands to attention, in anticipation of his touch. I desperately want him to reach out. I know he wants to. I can feel it in every cell of my body. 

We both stand for the longest time, drinking in the delicious moment. Neither one of us dares to move. Finally, he places a hand softly on my arm, leans into me, and presses his face very lightly against the back of my head, just under my high up-do. He’s being a gentleman, not crossing the line. “Your hair smells amazing.”

I close my eyes, wanting more. Every woman has a sweet spot, and mine is the back of my neck. Donovan knew this and he always kissed me there. I haven’t been touched there in over two years. All I can think about is Weston’s soft lips on my skin. “Kiss my neck,” I whisper, the words shocking me and sending my heart into overdrive. 

Weston doesn’t utter a single word. Doesn’t move. I desperately want to take the words back. Three little words. What was I thinking? Did I cross the line? Did I mess everything up? 

Roya Carmen is a busy mom, romance writer, designer, bookworm, chocoholic, and hopeless romantic. There’s nothing she enjoys more than making up stories about love, and sharing them with her readers.


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