Anjee's Review: Furious Rush by S.C. Stephens

Title: Furious Rush

Author: S.C. Stephens
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Forever

Pub Date: August 23, 2016
Rating: 3 Stars

Our thoughts...

We jump right into the novel meeting the characters of the show. We have Kenzie, the prodigal daughter of legendary motorcycle racer daddy Cox. She works for her father has a driver, and has her hopes and dreams on winning it big at the end of the season. Cue Hayden Hayes, the most gorgeous man, known to womankind.

I will say the writing is polished, but while reading it, I felt a huge disconnect. I felt the author was trying to convince me how hot the main guy was, but how he was also forbidden fruit. Throughout the whole novel, it was like this for me. The story line was very typical in the girl meets bad boy, but she can’t have him due to conflicting reasons, and in the end, he saves the day for her, and all is well. I’m just not sure about this series in general. I’m disappointed in the way it was executed most of all. Not something I would typically say about this author. Maybe she will have better luck on the next one. As my understanding is she is writing a series about this. The book was left open and a bit of a surprise at the end, more than likely to get you to see what happens next. Clever.  I’ll give it three stars for the writing. The story was more a lackluster 2.5. 

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  1. Thanks so much for this review. I have felt that way about a few of her books-while the writing is good, and well edited, i just do not have the attraction to the book/s like other people who have reviewed write about, saying they love it etc. I want to love it but just do not.