Jenny's Review: Still by Camilla Monk

Title: Still
Series: Still #1

Author: Camilla Monk
Genre: New Adult, Fantasy
Publisher: YayPub

Pub Date: February 28, 2018
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

I was very excited to get my hands on this book. How can you go wrong with an angsty, lonely girl who randomly experiences time stopping all around her and a blind hobo with time-freezing powers?! Add in a healthy dose of Greek mythology and you’ve got yourself a real winner! No, seriously.

I really enjoyed this story. I love all the characters, the sense of humor, the education that’s sneaked in, and everything that makes this story stand out from the cookie-cutter plots that are all-too-common. The plot is so unique and captivating that I couldn’t put the book down. Monk manages to take this crazy premise and make it compelling and entertaining. Emma is a loner with a huge chip on her shoulder and unsure of her place in this world. Faust is…he’s just Faust. He’s so uniquely quirky, entertaining, and unassuming. They’re a great duo but then there are the side characters that enrich the story even more (go, Silvio!). Every character has a real purpose; none are thrown in frivolously. 

I don’t feel like I can speak much more about the story for fear of giving too much away. I can say that I really enjoyed the ride and I’m anxious for the next installment. I also teared up briefly at the end, under the wary eyes of my family. It tugged the ol’ heart-strings, folks. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path that is full of history and is well-written, Still is for you. 

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