Anjee's Review: End of Eden by S.L. Jennings

Title: End of Eden
Series: Se7en Sinners #2

Author: S.L. Jennings
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pub Date: February 5, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

WHEW! I just took a quick jump off the wild ride I was on to let everyone know how excellent this second book in the series is/was. There was a bit of a cliff from the first book, so I immediately had to get my hooks into this one. What.A.Book. I don’t think I can contain my excitement about how this author ramped up this series in this second installment. Just excellent.

Eden has decided to make a deal with the devil himself, and let me just say, when it comes to Lucifer I am all in. All. In. You think he’s the bad guy in this story? Think again. He is just one of many angles we got thrown our way. I’m giddy with excitement as I sit here and think about how awesome this adventure has turned out to be. I’m just full of emo and wanted to let you know not to worry about a thing because this book is everything a person wants in a PNR. The pace is exceptional. Loved every hot minute!  

5 Stars!~

Because sometimes silence is just as dangerous as vengeance.”
#teamLucifer ;)

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