Early Review: The Queen by Tiffany Reisz

Title: The Queen
Series: The Original Sinners #8
Author: Tiffany Reisz

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: MIRA

Pub Date: October 27, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Every book in The Original Sinners series has a different feel and approach while staying true to the characters and story. Each book has its own unique flare while the sum of the series remains cohesive. All four book in The White Years take place in the past and present. The first three books tended to visit both fairly equally, whereas The Queen is centered mostly in the past with the present only coming into play in the beginning and the end, which caused a bit of a challenge for my old-woman brain. When the story moved back to the present at the end of the book I found myself needing to reread a bit of the beginning to help reset the scene.

Cover Reveal: Licked by Brooke Blaine

Licked by Brooke Blaine

Date of Publication: November 11, 2015


As the owner of Licked, an eclectic ice creamery and bar, Ryleigh Phillips doesn't have time for that love stuff. Serving up Nibble My Nuts sundaes and Drunken Sailor boozy shakes are as close to an orgasmic affair as she's had in months thanks to her expanding empire—until the night of her ten-year high school reunion.

When Ryleigh's crush, gorgeous ex-football god Cameron Mathis, comes streaking into her life (literally—streaking), she begins to wonder if she really can have it all.

Wouldn't it just figure that the moment you think life is perfect is when it falls spectacularly apart?
Enter Hunter Morgan, the contractor in charge of Licked's renovations. Devastatingly handsome, and a smartass to boot, he's got his eyes on Ryleigh from the moment he finds her passed out on his couch (yeah, that's a long story). There's just one tiny complication—he happens to be Cameron's best friend.

When the lines between relationships and friendships blur, and it's impossible to choose between two delicious flavors, what's a girl to do? Taste a sample of each? Or go out and get LICKED?

Review: Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

Title: Beautiful Redemption
Author: Jamie McGuire 

Genre: New Adult
Pub Date: January 27, 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

Real ~ Fun ~ Gooey

I had no idea I was going to like this story as much as I did. I haven’t read a Jamie McGuire book in years.  A wonderful reading friend sent me a signed paperback of Beautiful Redemption and it’s sat on my shelf for months.  I’ve been in the mood to read a paperback, so I picked the book up, and I wasn’t able to put it down.