Cover Reveal: Target on Our Backs By JM Darhower


Target on Our Backs
(Monster in His Eyes #3)
USA Today Bestselling Author
J.M. Darhower
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 23, 2016

The best way to keep your word is never to give it.

Not long ago, in a chapel in Vegas, I swore to love Karissa for the rest of my days. But nobody's promised an infinite number of tomorrows. Nobody's promised forever. Sometimes, all we have left is today.

Carpe Diem
Seize the day.

It should've been over, we should've been happy, but people are making it hard for me to live in peace. I've got so much blood on my hands they'll never be clean, and somebody out there seems to want me to pay for it. Happily Ever After always comes at a cost, one any real man would be willing to pay. But that doesn't mean I'm just going to roll over and accept these consequences.

Because when it comes to the woman I love? The life I've fought for?

Nobody is safe.

Early Review: Smart Girl by Rachel Hollis

Title: Smart Girl
Series: The Girls, #3
Author: Rachel Hollis

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pub Date: January 16, 2016
Rating: 3 Stars

Our thoughts...

I thoroughly enjoy Rachel Hollis as I know her from The Chic Site and Facebook. She is funny, easy to relate to, honest, entertaining, and smart. This is the first book of hers that I have picked up and I had high hopes. Smart Girl is book three in a series of standalones.

Review: Love To Love You by Isabelle Richards

Title: Love To Love You
Author: Isabelle Richards

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Isabelle Richards Books

Pub Date: January 15, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Love ~ Angst ~ Strength

I’m so glad we finally got more of Ari and Chase. I love their story and wasn’t ready for it to end. Their love is so strong that nothing can break it as long as they support each other.

Review: Love to Love You By Isabelle Richards

Title: Love to Love You
Author: Isabelle Richards

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Isabelle Richards Books

Pub Date: January 15,2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

I’m going to start by saying that Isabelle writes such lovable characters!  I love Chase and Ari.  I was so excited to learn that we were going to be able to read more about them and their happy times.  I really enjoyed this novella turned into novel.   Isabelle likes to write some big books for sure! 

After all the crazy drama that Chase and Ari have endured in the last two books it was nice to read about the staying as a united front so that they can have their happily ever after.  Did this book still have lots of drama? Yes!  However, they had each other’s backs and stay happy and together the whole time.  You were able to read about how strong their connection is throughout the whole book.  
A love that strong and beautiful is one that I aspire to hopefully have one day. 

I thought this was a great way to end a very beautiful and entertaining series.  I highly recommend this book and series to anyone who likes a good love story, angst, drama, and sports.  This quote really sums this book up to me “It’s one thing to say love can endure through ‘good times and in bad,’ it’s quite another to mean it.” Pick this series up; I really believe you will love it.  Also, don’t miss the little surprise at the end about more to come from Isabelle!

Cover Reveal: Wherever It Leads by Adriana Locke

Title: Wherever It Leads
Author: Adriana Locke
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Kari March Designs
 Release Date: February 15, 2016

Release Blitz & Giveaway: Happily Ever Ninja by Penny Reid


Happily Ever Ninja by Penny Reid 
Publication Date: January 21, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Humor

From the USA Today Best Selling Author of ‘Truth or Beard’ There are three things you need to know about Fiona Archer… I would tell you what they are, but then I’d have to kill you. 

But I can tell you that Fiona’s husband—the always irrepressible and often cantankerous Greg Archer—is desperately in love with his wife. He aches for her when they are apart, and is insatiable when they are together. Yet as the years pass, Greg has begun to suspect that Fiona is a ninja. A ninja mom. A ninja wife. A ninja friend. After fourteen years of marriage, Greg is trying not to panic. Because Fiona’s talent for blending in is starting to resemble fading away. 

However, when unexpected events mean Fiona must take center stage to keep her family safe, her response stuns everyone—Greg most of all. It seems like Greg’s wish has come true. 

Except… not. 

When all is said and done, can Greg handle this new version of his wife? Will his irrepressible cantankerousness push her away? Or can the couple find a way forward without either being forced to step back into the shadows? 

This is a full length, 100k word novel, and is the 5th book in the Knitting in the City Series. All books in the series can be read as a standalone except book #1.5

Review: Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning

Title: Feverborn
Author: Karen Marie Moning

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Delacorte Press

Pub Date: January 19, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

“I think I’m going to love you the rest of my life.”

*Mild Spoilers ahead* Continue with caution.

Review: The Baller by Vi Keeland

Title: The Baller
Author: Vi Keeland

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pub Date: January 18, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Sexy ~ Humorous ~ Touching

Not only is the cover sexy, the story is good. Although I have to admit when I first saw the cover I instantly wanted to read it.

Teaser: Blind Reality by Heidi McLaughlin

Blind Reality coming February 2nd

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Release Blitz: Defenseless by Corinne Michaels

Meet Mark Dixon in Defenseless,  the newest contemporary romance from Corinne Michaels!

Now Available!

Release Day: Cunning by Aleatha Romig

BK2.1 Cunning Facebook 1       
 "He owns you. Whatever he tells you to do you do".
One year. No future. A past that won't go away.

Release Blitz: The Baller by Vi Keeland

the baller it's live.jpg

Meet Brody Easton in THE BALLER!
A standalone Contemporary Romance novel by
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Vi Keeland


baller for website.jpg

The first time I met Brody Easton was in the men’s locker room.   
It was my first interview as a professional sportscaster.
The famed quarterback decided to bare all.   
And by all, I don’t mean he told me any of his secrets.  
No.  The arrogant ass decided to drop his towel, just as I asked the first question.  On camera.   
The Super Bowl MVP quickly adopted a new hobby—screwing with me.
When I pushed back, he shifted from wanting to screw with me, to wanting to screw me.
But I don’t date players.  
And it’s not because I’m one of the few women working in the world of professional football.   
I’d date an athlete.   
It’s the other kind of player I don’t date.   
You know the type.  Good looking, strong, cocky, always looking to get laid.
Brody Easton was the ultimate player.
Every woman wanted to be the one to change him.
But the truth was, all he needed was a girl worth changing for.
Turned out, I was that girl.
Simple right?
Let’s face it.  It never is.
There’s a story between once upon a time and happily ever after…  
And this one is ours.

the baller teaser use.jpg

About the Author: vi keeland bio.png
Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work.  She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!

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Review: Cunning by Aleatha Romig

Title: Cunning
Author: Aleatha Romig

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Romig Works LLC

Pub Date: January 19, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...
Feisty~ Convolution~ Allegiance

What can I say?  I am in love with the Infidelity Series. This book will keep you turning the pages faster and faster, and at the same time you’ll want to slow down, so the story doesn’t end. Aleatha's writing and characters will keep you wanting more. With their ability to draw you into their lives, and the secrets they are trying to keep. When you finish Cunning , you will be begging Aleatha for Deception. No matter how nice you ask her, what you are willing to sacrifice, she will not give you Deception. Mean right?!  Cunning picks up right were Betrayal left off.  Charli has signed with Infidelity, and Nox has bought her contract. 

“He owns you. Whatever he tells you to do, you do”.

Release Blitz & Excerpt: Cunning by Aleatha Romig

 "He owns you. Whatever he tells you to do you do".