Blog Features

  • Audio Slave: We'll tackle all things audio books from the writing and story to the narrator.

  • Author Spotlight: Post featuring an author and their work.

  • Flashback Fridays: It doesn’t have to be new to add it to your e-reader.  Let us share with you some of our favorite blasts from the past.  We’ll also revisit those older gems from our author of the month.

  • Tackling the TBR: We're entering our TBR (To Be Read) vaults in search of lost souls. Some books have been sitting in the catacombs so long we don't even remember putting them there (let alone one-clicking them). Join us as we rescue forgotten titles and finally attempt to make a dent in the never-ending beast known as the TBR list. We're looking to not only shorten our lists but also develop healthier reading habits. Want help tackling your TBR? Be a part of our support system and lighten your e-reader one book at a time.

  • Say Anything: The Review Loft is about more than just books. We love movies, wine, exercise, beer, and being professional couch potatoes (amongst other things). We also love sharing these in hopes that some of you love them, or will love them, too.

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