List Tuesdays

The Kindle Store alone now has over 2.7 Million books available for anyone to one-click and get their fix for what they want to read next. There are different kinds of reader and book lover out there, just like the different book genres.. Can you identify yourself...? 

1. The OCD Reader
Some may say it's selfish not to let other people borrow or loan your "prized" books but you are actually just afraid that the borrower may not treat your books nicely. Worst-case scenario: It won't be returned!
2.The Book Preserver

When you buy a book and start to read it you are very careful not to make any creases on the pages or break the spine.   

3.The Book Worshipper

You like to buy a book and put it in your bookshelves where it will probably never be touched or moved; you're just happy to look at them all.

4.The Hoarder

This is the kind of a book reader who just wants to collect and collect and before they know it, they have thousands of books to read and no time to read them.

5.The Chronological Reader

Some reader won't buy or read a book unless the series is complete. Cliffhangers don't seem as detrimental when you have the next book in queue.

6. The Standalone

Won't buy any series thinking "why torture yourself waiting for the next part". Good point.

7.The Compulsive Book Buyer

The day begins and ends with Amazon, Nook & other e-book sellers. Does one-click, ring a bell?

8.The Immersive Reader

This is a one-sitting type of a reader or an all-nighter. Life will just have to wait until the book is finished.

9.The Library Lover
Kudos to this kind of reader who goes out to get the book they want in a library. 

There are more than 9 kind of readers but that will be for another post. What kind are you? 

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