Review: Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

Title: Beautiful Secret
Author: Christina Lauren

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Gallery Books

Pub Date: April 14, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Fresh ~ Smart ~ Sassy

Niall Stella aka Max Stella’s brother, he is British, wears a suit, do I need to say more? FOR REAL!  Niall is an executive at an engineering firm in London, who gets sent to a conference in good ol` New York with one of his firms younger interns, Ruby Miller.  Let the fun begin....

Ruby Miller is a no BS type of girl who says what’s on her mind, and expects the same in return.  Ruby has been crushing on Niall for a while. When she gets the opportunity to spend time with him in New York she can’t help but try to make Niall notice her. Easy for Ruby, it doesn’t take much for Niall to notice her, with her brains and her charming personality, Niall and Ruby connect on all levels.  The question is...will the shy and heartbroken Niall give Ruby a chance?

Problem is… Niall is recently divorced from his first love, where the relationship fizzled out. He is still healing from what he sees as a failed marriage.  Ruby who is  young and full of happiness, tries to bring life back into Niall.  This is a story about healing and how a fun personality can awaken things in someone that they didn’t know existed. I think it’s easy to connect to Niall and his sadness over not achieving what he thought was the perfect life.

Christina Lauren has created a story that doesn’t fail to pull you in with the witty dialogue, smart female who takes no shit, followed by a man who isn’t perfect but wants nothing other than happiness in his life. 

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