Review: The Tornado by Missy Blue

Title: The Tornado
Author: Missy Blue
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Missy Blue

Pub Date: April 13,2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

“I’ve never had anything in my life worth fighting for, worth saving for. And I’ve spent my whole life fighting in the ring, since-thinking I was too hard to beat, too hard to feel. And then this kid, this little kid, comes out of nowhere, and is the first to knock me out of my ring.” – Asher “The Tornado”

What a beautifully done first novel for Missy Blue. It’s nice to sit back and watch a story unfold to perfection.

We meet Jewel who has had a very gruesome troubled passed. Something happened to her a year ago that would leave me petrified for years to come. She is trying to heal everything that happened to her by joining a gym to work on the frustrations of her terrible tragedy. Nobody knows who she is, and nobody knows she is a girl. She keeps herself well hidden, pays her monthly dues and ignores everyone when she is there. Something happens along the way, and that is when she is introduced to Asher an ex-marine MMA fighter who runs the gym, whom has his own past that is haunting who he really is as a person.

The personal growth of this story was very well thought out. I liked the way the author took Jewel from her weakest point to her strongest point by the end of the story. Asher was exceptional at being the sweetest, kindest alpha male I have read in a long time. He was patient with her.  He brought her back from the depths of hell, and waited giving her enough time to adjust. I wanted to hug him all the time. I know this is a fairy tale in true making, but if I had to live with what Jewel lived through this is exactly how someone would need to bring me back to a normal state. I can’t say enough good things about this book. It makes you feel that there is great people in the world, and sometimes you can stumble upon them without even realizing it.  Carpe Diem comes to mind when I think of what I just read.  4 solid stars for Jewel and Asher “The Tornado”.

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