Review: Priest by Sierra Simone

Title: Priest
Author: Sierra Simone

Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Sierra Simone

Pub Date: June 29, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...
Erotic ~ Confusion ~ Forbidden

WOWZA! This book was smoking. I didn’t grow up in the Catholic Church but I have a completely different view of the church now. I must confess:  I was recently at a Catholic mass (keep in mind while reading this book) my thoughts were not pure!

I loved the erotic nature of this book. Father Bell was lick worthy. When his alpha male/dominant side came out to play, WOW, just WOW!  That being said I was a little disappointed in Poppy. She had such potential, she was strong and confident in some settings and others she was too whiny and indecisive.

There is so much to this book, beyond the forbidden and erotic actions that confound Father Tyler Bell when Poppy Danforth enters his life.  There is a lesson here; that our life plans can change and often times do change despite us wanting them to or not. Listen to yourself, follow your heart and everything will work out as it should.

Read this book, probably at home; it’s hot, like really HOT! 


  1. Thank you Terri for this review! I got this while it is on sale as I am curious (yes even us 63 year olds are still curious, lol) Can't wait to read this!

  2. Thanks for the post and your thoughts! I have one clicked it and will definitely not read it public! haha