Review: Wrong by Jana Aston

Title: Wrong
Author: Jana Aston

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humor
Publisher: Jana Aston

Pub Date: October 7, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Wrong is the fun debut novel by the hilarious Jana Aston. The story follows the life and follies of Sophie Tisdale, a twenty-one year old college senior and virgin on a mission. She has finally decided to have sex and take the necessary steps to be responsible and prepared. This involves a visit to the campus gynecologist who turns out to be THE guy she’s been drooling over on a weekly basis at her job as a barista. Of course he is. Jana finds a way to make some crazy scenes work so well and be genuinely funny. The humor in this book is not forced but all natural and packed with laugh-out-loud moments.

The humor isn’t the only driving force in this tale. The dialogue is real. The characters talk and think like real people instead of how we wish people talked. This makes them easy to relate to because it feels like I’m reading dialogue from my last girls night instead of a cheesy romance read. And no one dwells on things past their dramatic expiration date. Problems happen, people feel bad, drama is NOT dragged on for five chapters, everyone is happy again. What a relief! Drama and angst are fun to read but I find it refreshing when the characters are smart enough to stay in the pouty phase for a reasonable amount of time and then get their stuff together.

I really enjoyed Wrong and I hope Jana decides to write more in the future. Her natural humor translates well and her characters are endearing and likeable. I devoured this book when I needed a pick-me-up and it kept me smiling for quite some time. 

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