Review: Cunning by Aleatha Romig

Title: Cunning
Author: Aleatha Romig

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Romig Works LLC

Pub Date: January 19, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...
Feisty~ Convolution~ Allegiance

What can I say?  I am in love with the Infidelity Series. This book will keep you turning the pages faster and faster, and at the same time you’ll want to slow down, so the story doesn’t end. Aleatha's writing and characters will keep you wanting more. With their ability to draw you into their lives, and the secrets they are trying to keep. When you finish Cunning , you will be begging Aleatha for Deception. No matter how nice you ask her, what you are willing to sacrifice, she will not give you Deception. Mean right?!  Cunning picks up right were Betrayal left off.  Charli has signed with Infidelity, and Nox has bought her contract. 

“He owns you. Whatever he tells you to do, you do”.

Charli- I love her!  She is audacious, tenacious and full of life. She is still learning how to to fight for what she wants in life. The strength she exhibits in some areas of her life is amazing and her weakness in other areas makes her relatable. However, she does need to learn when to bite her tongue. She has gotten herself into some trouble with that mouth of hers. 

“Nox, you absolutely overwhelm me. I feel things with you I never knew existed.” I was’t sure how to verbalize what I felt. “It’s you, being with you, sleeping with you, talking with you…I just wish.”

Nox/Mr. Demetri-  There are two sides to Mr. Lennox Demetri and oh how I love both of them. We met Nox in Del Mar- he was sweet and sexy as sin. We meet Mr. Demetri in Cunning, he is bold, assertive and even sexier if that is at all possible. 

“Who the fuck are you?” Nox leaned in close, his cologne clouding my thoughts. “I’m Batman, princess. Next time you want to fly across the country, tell me. I won’t delay  two hundred people’s plans, and we can just fly the bat plane.”

One of the many things I love about this series are the supporting characters. There are a few that  I love and want them as my BFF, and a few I hate all the while wanting to throat punch. There are also others that will have me changing my opinion in the future, and what I think about them.

Bryce, I still hate him.  I hate him with a passion. We didn’t see a lot of him in Betrayal, but what  we did see made me hate him.. Needless to say he just gets worse in my opinion.  

I’m Edward Spencer, and I’m looking for my fiancee <— WTF Asshole! You're not even dating her. The gall of that man..

Adelaide is starting to grow on me a little. I hated her less in this book. We get a better look into her life and events that have helped shape the woman she is today. That being said she did take a really passive roll in her life when she should have fought. I do believe that she thought she was doing the right thing at the time. 

It was only the beginning, the first time I met the love of my life. I just became more skill full at my own form of hiding.. 

“If Lennox is anything (leaving blank on purpose), you need to get away before its to late.””What does that even mean?” It means he’ll hold your heart forever.

Chelsea’s roll in Cunning is smaller then what she had in Betrayal. That being said her part in Cunning is significant and I believe that she will have a bigger roll in the upcoming releases.

Alton, I hate him! He makes me really angry. Throw your Kindle angry.. It’s not pretty. Enough said about that asshole!

 I am really excited for this new character, Oren Demetri, he is somewhat mysterious, sexy as sin; think an older looking Nox! Hot , right?!  Nox believes he’s the devil and others in the book may agree or disagree.  I am not sold on that idea that he is all bad.. 

Please give Adelaide my love…”<— WHAT!!! That right there has me wondering what will come next, how he factors into the past as well as the future. 

 Last but not least my favorite supporting character is Deloris Witt. I love her, if she was a real life person I would track her down and make her be my BFF! She kicks ass!

In Del Mar, Lennox was someone I hadn’t seeing years. He smiled more and worried less about business. He took time to relax, time to be..a man. If you can do that for him, then you have my full and unwavering support. If you hurt him, I’ll be your worst nightmare.” Deloris scoffed. “ I realize I don’t look like much, but power isn't all about appearances.”

There are twists and turns, pieces of information that are dropped in one chapter just waiting for you to go ‘WHAT?, NO!, OMG!’ a few chapters later.  This books keeps you wanting more. Bombs were dropped, questions were left on answered. Not to mention that the biggest bomb of them all came in the last sentence. <—- Really Aleatha!! You know how to keep us wanting more.

My hopes for Deception are; I want Nox and Charli to continue to stand together as a united force.  I want Nox to continue to open up, Adelaide needs to grow a backbone, Alton needs a lesson failure, Bryce better get what is coming to him and Oren, well, I want more of him!

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