Review: Red Card by Carrie Aarons

Title: Red Card
Author: Carrie Aarons

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carrie Aarons

Pub Date: February 14, 2016
Rating: 3.75 Stars

Our thoughts...

Strength~Football~Second Chances

This is first book I’ve read by Carrie Aarons and I really enjoyed it. While the read was fast, sexy and funny, she talked about some very serious issues as well. 

We meet Leah after the life she has been planning for the last five years has been ripped away. She has an incredible about of strength and will to move forward. She’s determined not to let the world knock her down or more importantly keep her down. She has just landed in London to do an internship for 73bulbs. She is assigned to handle the arrogant, hot head, sexy as sin bad boy footballer Killian Ramsey.

Killian Ramsey has been in the public eyes for years and he hates it. As of the last five years it hasn’t necessarily been for all the good he does. He blames the media for a lot of his problems. When he meets a feisty, beautiful American he knows his life is about to change.

When Killian has Leah assigned to be on his and only his public relations team. Sparks and tempers fly between Leah and Killian. He wants to give the orders and she is refusing to take them. They are both suffering from broken hearts. Are they willing to put their hearts out there again in the name of love? Will Killian let the media help them or destroy them. 

There is plenty of angst, steamy scenes and some topics that I wasn’t expecting. I will definitely be reading other books by Aarons.    

Read it!

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