Say Anything: Make it reign - GoT style

Summer love happens so fast.  Or does it?  I’m here again! You thought you could get rid of me easily didn’t you? Never going to happen my friends! Game of Thrones is slowly coming to an end and since I did a little feature on it the first time I posted I thought perhaps I should do another one. 

I also want to add that I saw Finding Dory this weekend, and it was one of the best sequels I have ever seen!  You don’t want to miss it.   *FULL SPOILERS AND JUICY GIFS AHEAD*

“My reign has just begun.” – Oh, you got that right Dany girl! Everyone was wondering when you were going to hop back up on that dragon and start a fire war! I expected it to happen, and it always is a pleasure watching you make it rain down hell.

As for your relationship with the Greyjoys. I was totally digging the vibe ;). I mean you can kiss a girl and like it yeah? 
Skipping right to the meat of the whole episode was with my beloved Jon Snow and his sister from another mister Sansa.  See what I did there? If not it’s o.k, you will later.
I’ll be honest I didn’t think they were going to make it.  I thought for sure they were going to die or have to retreat, but then a lightbulb went off in my brain.  I kept saying out loud. “Something is missing. This can’t be happening.” About hundred times. After that, I was just too caught up even to THINK straight. I was seemingly so worried about Jon getting trampled to death that I forgot what I was thinking. I mean this is the man of my fantasy world, and he has had me in nervous bits the whole season.
It wasn’t until I saw The Veil flag I was like oh “Hell FUCKING yes!” I knew she was going to make the deal with Littlefinger. It’s the only option she had. They would have lost, and it would have been the worst episode in history.

Que to Jon beating the shit out of Ramsey Bolton.
I fist pumped and shouted Yes to Every.Single. Punch. He threw that sick fucking psychopath. 

And that ending with him being eaten by his own dogs.  
 PURE FUCKING GENIOUS. He deserved nothing less. I get excited every time I think about his death now. I am Sansa with that smirk on her face in the end. Her little speech about him being forgotten. Everything. Just everything.
Whew! It was a very intense episode complete with fist pumping, and lots of YES shouts. I don’t think anything gets me up out of my chair like this show does. There is only one episode left, and I am already grieving about not seeing Kit Harrington for another year.   Shout out to my GoT crew. Thanks for listening to me babble.  

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