Polly's Review: An Act of Courage by K.C. Lynn

Title: An Act of Courage
Series: Acts of Honor #4

Author: K.C. Lynn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: K.C. Lynn

Pub Date: March 19, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I've been waiting for this book since we first met Christopher. I knew he had the ability to be broody and alpha. That's pretty much right up my alley. 

Christopher had a rough upbringing along with his sister Ruthie (fav kid ever) until they were taken in by Faith (previous book). He had seen the worst of life but had a heart of gold. 

Alissa had a normal upbringing but her mom was a meddling bitch. 

These two were high school sweethearts. We get flashbacks of how they met and it was so freaking sweet. The innocence of first love is something that I never get tired of reading. Well after they graduate high school cue the meddling mom and some things get turned around that leads to them losing their way with each other. 

Five years later they are thrust back into each other's lives and the chemistry is of course still there. They are soulmates. Christopher is now a shell of his former self though and Alissa must learn to navigate Christopher the man. 

Their story brought out every emotion for me. I smiled at the innocence and cried at the harsh reality of the real world. 

I'm going to be honest that this one was 4 star for me until around around 90%. That's because of something that is a personal preference. However one scene deserves 10 stars and it brought the rating up for me. 

KC is becoming a master at drawing out emotions with her readers. You don't want to miss that

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