Ashley's Review: All the Way by M Mabie

Title: All the Way
Author: M Mabie
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: M Mabie

Pub Date: May 18, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

Talk about some angst, this book had it all plus some! I loved every minute of it and sometimes wanted to shake Cord and Dana. This is by far my favorite of M Mabie’s work.

At times this was a cheesy but I really enjoyed it. I loved the characters they were both guarded until they met the right one. Now that Cord has finally found a woman he wants to see more than once he can’t seem to stop doing stupid stuff. No matter what he does to convince Dana what they have is more it doesn’t work.

Dana is very guarded she always seems to go for the “wrong” guy. From her first meeting with Cord at the coffee shop she knew she should stay away. It’s hard when he’s part of your best friends wedding and your very attracted to him.

These characters had sizzling chemistry. There were many times I was so frustrated with Cord and Dana, hoping they would get things right. I really enjoyed this story and couldn’t put it down.


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