Ashley's Review: Until it Fades by K.A. Tucker

Title: Until it Fades
Author: K.A. Tucker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Atria Books

Pub Date: June 27, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

It has been a while since I have read a book that stays with me days after finishing it. I loved every minute of this story and couldn’t put it down. K. A. Tucker sure has a way with words. This was beautifully written unconventional love story. This is my favorite book by this author.

Just reading the blurb for this had me anxious to get my hands on it. Let me tell from the minute I started I was pulled in. I loved the little bit of flash backs we got from Catherine’s past. Life has been very unkind to her for a while and she is trying to do what she can to get by. When something tragic happens and she happens to be near that changes her life and Brett’s. Trying to stay out of the spotlight is hard when you rescue a famous hockey player.

Brett is grateful for what Catherine did and wants to thank her. He never expected their friendship to turn into anything more. When Brett and Catherine are together they can conquer anything.

This was a slow burn story with the perfect build up. I loved the pace and the characters so much. This is a MUST READ and a top read for 2017.

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