Ashley's Review: Big Shot by Kim Karr

Title: Big Shot
Series: Sexy Jerk World #2

Author: Kim Karr
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Kim Karr

Pub Date: July 27, 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

This series just keeps getting better! I love the characters in this series and really enjoyed this book.

Jace is widowed and now a single dad raising his daughter. He stays busy with his career as a dating app developer. He is lonely since losing his wife but hasn’t found anyone he wants to date. When his daughter comes home one day upset it has Jace confronting a parent he never thought he’d see again. 

Hannah is a single mom with a little boy who doesn’t know his father. His father never wanted to be in the picture so he is desperate for a father figure. She never expected to see someone from her past on her doorstep.

Jace and Hannah had an interesting relationship in college and things didn’t end so well. Now years later they still have a pull towards one another. Life doesn’t always go as we plan and you do your best to with what your dealt. Will Jace and Hannah be able to make a relationship work?

This was a fun and fast read that I couldn’t put down!

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