Ashley's Review: The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend's Sister by Meghan Quinn

Title: The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend's Sister
Author: Meghan Quinn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Meghan Quinn

Pub Date: January 3, 2018
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Our thoughts...

Meghan Quinn is a must read author that always entertains and delivers a unique story. The cover is the first thing that caught my eye with all the bright colors. I loved this book and all the characters so much!

Bram and Julia met in college and were complete opposites. Bram wasn’t exactly your typical frat boy; he partied but also did well in school. Julia was more of a people watcher. She didn’t really party and felt like she didn’t fit in with that crowd. She would go to the parties with her friend and because it was her brother’s fraternity. 

Fast forward years later and they are both successful but there is one thing missing. Bram is ready to finally get the girl of his dreams. This was such a s sweet heart warming story about going for what your heart wants. If you are looking for a fast paced all consuming sweet romance this is for you. I highly recommend this book.

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