Teaser Blast: Good Enough by Kelly Elliott

Good Enough by Kelly Elliott is releasing October 6, 2020!

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The third novel in New York Times bestselling author Kelly Elliott's Meet Me in Montana series shows how family and true love can heal a broken past. 

After her mother died in a car accident when she was only five, and her father was determined not to show any emotions toward his only daughter, Timberlynn longs for a normal family. What she hadn't planned on was finding that family in Hamilton, Montana--thousands of miles away from everything she's ever known in Atlanta, Georgia. She certainly didn't plan on falling for Tanner Shaw. A handsome, charming, cowboy who swept her off her feet the moment he looked at her with eyes the color of the Montana sky. 

Tanner Shaw was lost and confused...living a life without purpose, traveling between one city to the next. With a longing desire for something he could not quite pinpoint, he heads back to his hometown in Montana to spend Christmas with his family and clear his clouded head. One look at Timberlynn standing in his family's kitchen, and his entire world is turned upside down. Or was it? 

For once in his life, Tanner knew exactly what he wanted and was determined to prove to the only woman he had ever loved that what they shared was worth the risk. But winning Timberlynn Holden's heart wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. Can Tanner finally rope in the woman he loves, or will he be unable to help her mend her broken heart? 

Good Enough is a stand alone novel in the Meet Me in Montana series. Suggested reading order:
1. Never Enough https://amzn.to/3fakRvc
2. Always Enough https://amzn.to/39yCP9u
3. Good Enough https://amzn.to/2P43HEL

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