Terri's Review: The Boss Upstairs by Roya Carmen

The Boss Upstairs
Series: Orchard Heights #3

Author: Roya Carmen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Roya Carmen

Pub Date: October 27, 2020
Rating: 4.
5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I needed this book. I was a bit heartbroken for Weston at the end of The Ground Rules Undone. Granted the book ended where it needed to, but my romantic heart still wished for all characters to be happy. If you have not read the Rule Breaker Series, please do so before reading The Boss Upstairs.

Weston is still mysterious and intense but at a whole other level. Gretchen is the missing piece for Weston’s soul. I love to read about two broken character who can find a way back to the vibrant life they once had. Helping each other to heal from past heartbreak. The chemistry between Weston and Gretchen is off the charts.

Roya will have you hooked from the first few pages. This is a slow burn that at times was a bit to slow for me and I wish the ending were a little slower. Overall a solid 4.5 stars.

Read it!

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