Terri's Review: Tequila Rose by Willow Winters

Title: Tequila Rose
Series: Tequila ose #1

Author: Willow Winters
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Willow Winters

Pub Date: February 23, 2021
Rating: 3.75 Stars

Our thoughts...

Tequila Rose has a storyline that is my kryptonite.  I FLOVE surprise pregnancy with a love triangle. I need to mention how beautiful this cover it. It screams LOVE!!

One night can change everything. A fake name and few drinks lead to one of the best nights of Magnolia’s life. Only to wake up with the world crashing around her.  Let us fast forward four years add in a chance encounter the with the handsome stranger whose kisses tasted like tequila and Magnolias world is being rocked again.

The chemistry between Magnolia and Brody is just as powerful four years later as it was when they first met. I feel that there is more to Brody, some piece of information that we have not been given.  I cannot wait to find out.

Robert, hmm, what can I say... He rubs me the wrong way. So many situations in this book have me screaming, NOPE! Walk away, he is not worthy. I need more of the backstory with him and Mags.

I was not aware this was a duet when I signed up. That is my fault as I did not fully read the blurb.  Usually, you sign up for both books at once, so I was a bit disappointed when I finished TR that I had to wait for a second book and that I had to complete a second sign up.

I am eagerly awaiting the second book.  I have my guy picked out. I have the finale written in my head… Lets see how this all plays out. Who will Mags choose?

Read it!

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