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Am I willing to start a new life with a guy I’ve only known a few weeks?

Crash With Me, an all-new must-read small town, opposites-attract runaway bride romance full of steam from bestselling author Allie Everhart, is available now!

Brody Kanfield
Impulsive. Messy. Bold.
My complete opposite.
And the guy I met on the day I was supposed to get married.

After calling off my wedding, I ran away… and drove into a blizzard that landed my car in the ditch. Luckily Brody, a big tall guy with gorgeous blue eyes and an easygoing smile, was driving by and saved me.

The plan was to stay with him until the storm passed, but I knew I’d need more time to face what waited for me back home.

So I made Brody a deal: I’d pay him to let me stay there for three weeks, the time that should have been my now-canceled honeymoon. We’d be roommates only, nothing more.

The agreement might’ve worked if we weren’t stuck in his house together for days.
If we hadn’t been drinking.
If we weren’t so darn attracted to each other.

Three weeks later, I don’t want to leave. I never imagined myself with a guy like Brody, but now I can’t see myself with anyone else.

But am I willing to start a new life with a guy I’ve only known a few weeks?

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“What’s your name?” I ask.
“Katelyn, but I go by Kate. What’s yours?”
“Brody,” I smile. “But I go by Brody.”
She laughs a little. “So you work at the orchard?”
“No. I had enough of that place growing up there.”
“You didn’t like it?”
“It was great. I just didn’t want that being my job. That’s my parents’ business. I wanted my own.”
“So what do you do?”
“Lawn care and snow removal. That’s why I’m out in a blizzard. I was heading to a customer’s house to clear their driveway but decided it’s no use plowing it when it’s snowing like this. I’ll have to wait for the storm to end.”
I slow down as we come into town. There isn’t a single car on the road. Even the plows aren’t out. Snow’s piled up everywhere, some of it drifted over the road.
“Where’s your house?” Kate asks.
“Near downtown. We’re almost there.”
She gets out her phone. “My battery’s dead. Maybe that’s good. I won’t have to hear from my family.”
“So what exactly happened? You just decided you didn’t want to get married?”
I told you I don’t want to talk about it,” she says, sounding annoyed.
“Why? I thought girls liked talking about stuff.”
“We do, but only when we’re ready.”
“What do you have to be ready for?”
She sighs. “Okay, fine. I left. I left my wedding. I couldn’t go through with it.”
She looks at me. “Seriously? We just met.”
“Yeah? So? It should be easier to tell a stranger than someone you know. There’s no judgment. I don’t care that you left some guy at the altar. The bastard probably didn’t deserve you.”
She smiles a little. “Thanks.”
“For what?”
“Saying that. Everyone assumes I’m the problem and that Cam is perfect.”
“Nobody’s perfect.” I glance at her. “Cam’s the guy you were going to marry?”
“Yes,” she mutters. “It’s short for Cameron.”
As we approach the downtown I press on the brakes and feel the truck sliding.
Kate grabs hold of the dash.
“We’re fine,” I assure her, steering us back in the lane. “I drive in this stuff all the time.”
She lets out a breath. “I was having a flashback of going in the ditch. I can’t believe that happened. Cam is going to kill me.”
“That’s his car in the ditch?”
“Yes. My parents took me to the church this morning. I didn’t want to go home with them so I asked Cam if I could borrow his car.” She looks over at me. “Are you always like this?”
“Like what?”
“Asking all these questions. Most guys don’t even want to talk, unless it’s about themselves.”
“I was just wondering what your story was. It’s not every day I find a girl in the middle of the highway during a blizzard wearing a wedding dress.”

About Allie
Allie Everhart is the author of more than 50 books and several bestselling series, including The Jade Series, The Kensington Series, and The Wheeler Brothers. Allie writes angsty love stories, often with a twist of mystery and suspense. She loves reading for hours in a comfy spot, drinking strong coffee, walking in the woods, and writing emotional stories that make the characters work for their happy ending.

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