Ashley’s Review: If This is Love by Jewel E. Ann

 If This is Love

Author: Jewel E. Ann
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Jewel E. Ann

Pub Date: April 6, 2023
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Jewel E. Ann has done it again. She never disappoints and I loved this book. It was full of angst and all the things I love in a story. I love how she did something different and wrote about cowboys. I am not usually into those types of stories but she made it work and had me glued to my kindle.

My heart broke for Indie and all the things she went through losing someone she loved at such a young age. He she had Milo around to help her and be there for her. She never saw him as anything other than Milo the boy in the barn until she was older.  Once Indie’s adopted father lost his wife things went from good to bad really quick for her. Milo and Indie’s story was one of heartache and casualties. 

Jewel E. Ann pushed the boundaries with this book and it was one I couldn’t put down. 

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