Terri's Review: Come Here and Kiss Me by M. Robinson & Willow Winters

Title: Come Here and Kiss Me

Author: M. Robinson & Willow Winters
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: M. Robinson & Willow Winters

Pub Date: February 12, 2024
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

If you are looking for a steamy fast read, this is the book for you. The collaborations of Robinson and Winters was one that I was highly looking forward too.

Come here and kiss me has a modern Romeo and Juliet vibe which hit the right spots for me. I couldn’t help but melt for Ronan and his dirty talk. Brooklyn has a sassy sexy side.

Both Ro and Brook have a heart of gold and want to do what best for their current situation everything spirals out of their control. The people behind everything will leave you screaming at your kindle.

I enjoyed Ronan and Brooklyn’s story however I felt it was a bit rushed at times. In am looking for to Aspen’s book and who her mystery man could be!

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