Review: Raze by Tillie Cole

Title: Raze
Author: Tillie Cole

Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Pub Date: December 29, 2014
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...
“I had nothing to lose. I feared nothing, not even death.”

Here we had Raze, a person whom he not once was. Then comes Kisa a Russian mafia princess promised to another.

This is their story about how one can overcome revenge even in its most evil form.

“They were always meant to be together, one boy and one girl, two hearts split into two, sent to far-off lands on their own. For God wanted to see if true love could be tested. He wanted to see if two halves of one soul could find each other again, even against the odds. Years would pass. They would both be hurt. They would both be sad, but one day, when they least expected it, they would stumble into each other’s paths. The question is: would they recognize each other’s soul? And would they find their way back to love…?”

Raze! I felt so much pain for Raze in this book. So much tragedy bestowed on him by a traitor. I knew something in my heart to be true when I started this book, and it turned out I was right. It was a pretty straight forward drive to the finish line, but the short journey we got to take with the hero/heroine was a pretty redeeming one. 
Real, Raw and lots of grit, this is one journey of revenge and remembrance. 4 Raze the roof stars. 


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