Review: Against All Odds

Title: Against All Odds
Author: Angie McKeon

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Angie McKeon

Pub Date: April 2, 2014
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I’ve wanted this book since I read the synopsis for it about 6-9 months ago. Not only did the synopsis pull me in from the start, but I also found out that this was Angie McKeon’s debut novel.  My thoughts were, holy hell that synopsis sounds intense, I wonder if a first time author is going to be able to write a full book that lives up to that intense synopsis.

Well my friends….YES..YES…she did.  WOW, WOW, WOW. I read this book in one sitting. No freaking way was I going to go to bed and NOT know what happened to Cooper, Kylie, and of course the handsome Gray.

 3% (got to love the Kindle) into the book, my heart was already in my throat. I was sending personal messages to my book friends asking for support.  I had to take some emotional breaks from reading because I just wasn’t sure I could handle anymore. I needed to give my heart a break from the story that is Cooper and Kylie. I needed a break from the constant heartbreak that Cooper and Kylie were causing each other. I never once hated Kylie for what she was doing…I GOT IT. I 100% got it. Maybe because like her, I require love to be given to me the same way from my spouse, and if I wasn’t receiving it, how empty it would make me feel.  Would it make me so empty that I would ask my husband for the same thing?  Every single one of Kylie’s actions was just her begging for attention, for love, for anything from Cooper and I get it, I get her, and her actions made her real in every part of the book.

 Angie McKeon weaved together a story about love and heartbreak that was so real. This story is about the vulnerability that each of us feels when we love someone. How we give the person we love so much of ourselves that it can tear us apart, or push us to be the best person we could ever be.  Love makes us do things we would never really do, love can make us whole, or it can make you feel empty. Love is scary as shit, and Angie McKeon did a great job really creating a story that takes us on a journey of love…and I mean real honest to God love…not a rainbow and butterfly type of love. 

 One thing that made this story really tie together nicely was how Angie gave us short flashbacks in Kylie and Cooper’s life. Some of those flashbacks were happy, some were sad. Either way they really helped develop the overall story.

 I’m going to say that this isn’t a love triangle. I know some would disagree but if you think this is a love triangle book then you’re wrong. Sorry, I’m not sorry. There is no triangle. Kylie is fully devoted to one person…it’s clear as day in every page that Angie writes. Does this book have cheating….hmmmm, yes, but no…what do you consider cheating?

Read it!



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