Interview with Contraband

The Review Loft is excited to be hosting a Q & A panel with Contraband. Christy, Stephanie, Katie, and Kyla are the bands biggest fans. They will be asking questions, and getting all the dirty secrets inquiring minds want to know.

Katie: From only playing at local venues, to signing with a major record label, it’s clear the guys of Contraband have had an exciting year. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
Please welcome to the room.  

The one and only…. Vin.  
The amazing drummer dubbed the next Travis Barker…McAvoy
The one who seems to be the brains behind the operation….Miller
And the former manwhore …Grant McDermott.

Welcome guys!

Miller: Hey! We’re glad to be here. We can’t wait to get started.

Christy:  Vin, do you regret the roofie incident?

Vin: Fuck man, does everyone have to bring that up? *shakes head* It was just a one time thing, and hey, Grant and Ari met because of it. No harm. No foul.

Kyla: What inspires you to write lyrics?

Miller: *gestures to Grant* You take this one.

Grant: *smirks* I guess it’s pretty obvious that my girlfriend, Ari, inspires me to write music. There are a couple songs about her, Life Raft, White Hot, and Take Me With You.

Miller: I draw a lot of my inspiration from every day life. Hemorrhage was written one day when I so desperately wanted to get out of Jersey. All I could do was sit down and put pen to paper to get the thought out of my head.

Christy Peckham: Vin, how old were you when you lost your virginity? And who was the poor girl?

Vin: *scratches the back of his head* I have three older brothers, and one of their girl friends took it upon themselves to educate me when I was fifteen.

McAvoy: *cough* Sixteen *cough*

Vin: Fine. Sixteen. Fuck.

Katie: McAvoy, you seem like you only like to have one girl by your side at a time. Why is that?
McAvoy: I’m a one girl kind of man. I like to get to know a girl and not just screw around.

Vin: *snorts*

McAvoy: Well, I generally do at least.

Stephanie: Vin, do you ever think you will settle down?

Vin: Fuck no! I’m not giving into that shit. ContraBand is going to skyrocket and I’m going to just have a fucking good time. Booze and bitches. That’s the life.

Katie: In 10 years, where do you see the band?

Miller: Hopefully still relevant and making music.

McAvoy: That’s all we’ve ever wanted was to make music.

Grant: As much as Vin says he wants the booze and bitches and of course fame, I just want to be able to write lyrics and play my instrument.

Christy: Miller, do you see yourself as the brains behind the band?

Miller: *shrugs* I suppose you could say that. I handle a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. I got in contact with Pacific. I set up our performance schedule. I run rehearsals and stuff. It’s not that big of deal. McAvoy handles all our sales info and runs the website and social media.

Katie: Vin, do you think you and Ari will ever be able to tolerate each other?

Vin: Sure. I think we already do? *glances around* Right?

Grant: Whatever you want to believe, bro.

Katie: McAvoy, you can only have weed or sex for the next seven days. Which one would you pick?

McAvoy: Fuck…you really want me to pick? Weed. No, sex. No, weed. Um, is it a guarantee I can have sex every day for seven days, because you know weed never lets me down…

Christy Peckham: Grant, who was your biggest musical influence?

Grant: I listened to a mix of stuff growing up. Everything from Johnny Cash to Nirvana to Fall Out Boy to The Eagles. I like it all, and I think it all shapes our sound.

Christy Peckham: Do you think you will be doing this forever or do any of you have dreams that don't involve music?

McAvoy: I’ve always worked with technology. I started fixing computers when I was young, and I’ve been working as a computer programmer. So I guess if this doesn’t work out I’d go back to that.

Miller: I’d been working part time as a vet tech, but I quit when we signed with Pacific. I always wanted to be a vet when I was younger, but I’d really love to do this forever.

Grant: This is all I’ve ever wanted and all I’ve ever been good at. There’s nothing else I’d rather do then play music.

Vin: *shrugs* We all know that I’m in this for fucking good!

Grant: *takes the mic*  We have a special treat. Ari! Come on up to the stage and answer a few questions.

Aribel: *walks reluctantly on stage* Way to weasel me into this, Grant.

Grant: *smirks*

Christy: Aribel, how are you going to deal with it if Contraband becomes a household name?

Aribel: I don’t know. Probably try to stay busy with school and not think about it. Hopefully fly out to see him. *smiles*

Michelle- I actually have two questions. How do you cope knowing how the single guys are with girls, while Grant is out there on his own?

Aribel: I just trust him, and I’d probably beat the shit out of the other guys if they let anything happen. I was kind of depressed the first time, but I just figured that if he wanted to be with someone else…he would. And we’re still together so far.

Michelle: If you had never fallen for Grant, is there a member of the band that you would have looked twice at?

Vin: Oh yeah, good question. *rubs hands together*

Grant: Hey!

McAvoy: *smacks Vin*

Aribel: *laughs* NO! Nothing against the other guys, but I never had any interest in someone in a band. Ever. Grant was just…persistent. And I guess special.

Grant: You guess?

Aribel: Or just persistent.

Vin: All right. All right. Enough with all the questions. Let’s get to the fucking meet and greet part of this deal!

Katie: Thank you so much Contraband for letting The Review Loft hold this special event!

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