Review: Love Hurts by Mandi Beck

Title: Love Hurts
Author: Mandi Beck
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Mandi Beck
Pub Date: January 23, 2015
Rating: 3 Stars

Our thoughts...

Love Hurts started off really strong, I was hooked on page one. Unfortunately, by page 50, I wasn’t so hooked. There is no question about Mandi’s writing ability. Her words flowed easily from page to page, and she had a healthy mix of dialogue and imagery that I found refreshing.

So why three stars? The story. The story did not flow like her words. Right when I was starting to understand a character, they would go and do something that didn’t make sense. I felt like I had whiplash. Frankie’s wrist being constantly kissed, Deacon sportin’ a boner at the slightest glimpse of Frankie, these things were overdone. I’m confident Mandi could have found more variety of ways to show me Deacon’s love for Frankie.

The writing is as good as an established writer even though this author is still growing. I have no doubt that Mandi will become a MUST read author. The women can write, I think that was made clear in this book! However, for someone like me who values the story more than the writing…. you can skip over this one.



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