Review: Attraction by Penny Reid

Title: Elements of Chemistry: Attraction
Author: Penny Reid

Genre: Contemp. Romance, Humor, NA
Publisher: Caped Publishing

Pub Date: April 9, 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

Rollicking ~ Brainy ~ Refreshing

You know what one of my biggest romance pet peeves is? When an author fails to establish why two people are actually attracted to each other (besides the obvious sexual component). I don’t like being left scratching my head wondering what on Earth that guy sees in that girl, or vice versa. It doesn’t feel real to me. Two people who only enjoy having sex with each other, in theory, are not in eternal, blissful, soulmate-level love. 

Attraction centers on a very introverted and brainy Kaitlyn and the popular, jerky, and brainy Martin. Kaitlyn is obviously attracted to Martin because every girl is but Martin reciprocates this attraction and it actually makes sense. Instead of “hunk falls for invisible nerdy girl for no reason” we are treated to something far more substantial, meaningful, and enjoyable. Martin SEES Kaitlyn far better than she sees herself. He appreciates her for all that she is and isn’t looking for her to evolve into some other person. This is so refreshing! 

Penny Reid is hilarious; her writing is full of quick-wit and charm. Kaitlyn is an enjoyable mix of blunt and naïve which allows for so many moments that will make you chuckle, if not flat out guffaw. It was surprisingly easy to relate to this nineteen year-old girl because she is so real and I may have been in a similar headspace when I was that age. I can’t wait to read the other installments. There is a cliffhanger at the end of Attraction BUT the first chapter of Heat (book 2) can be mercifully found at the back of the book along with a glimpse of Truth or Beard.


  1. Nice review :) Omg, Jenny! This book was so good. Charming and quirky!

  2. Thank you! I'm so glad she included the first chapter of Heat. I'd be anxious without it! ~Jenny