Review: Because of Him by Jessica Roe

Title: Because of Him
Author: Jessica Roe

Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Jessica Roe

Pub Date: December 14, 2014
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

Misunderstood~ Strong~ Forbidden

I am a huge fan of student/teacher and I think I might have read all of the books available in this category now.  I REALLY loved this one! I don’t know how I missed it because it has been out for a while but I’m glad I came across this beautiful story. 
Blair meets Silver in a rather out of nowhere way and the sparks are flying from the start.  Blair has had such a rough life up until this point and all the feelings that this book brought out just aren’t describable.  I thought at one point something was wrong with me?!?!  I was crying sad tears and then happy tears and then laughing.  “But whatever, life is life, right? Because if you sit around thinking about all the bad crap then the world is sure as hell gonna pass you right on by.” The feels!!! Oh how I loved this book!  

This little happy bubble is popped when some unexpected events happen.  Blair learns many lessons and almost just gives up.  I loved how the author wrote about this little town and the friends that Blair has met that kept her afloat.  She was dealt a really crappy hand but these characters she meets in this town really made you fall in love with them.  ALL of them!  Really this book is a must read for the new adult/young adult lover of student/teacher relationships!

I couldn’t recommend this book enough! Has a story like this been written before? Yes, however not with the feels that this book brought out in me.  So go ahead and pick this one up and enjoy the ride! Caution: there will be tears! Happy and sad ones! You will laugh for sure. Overall another great weekend read

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