Review: Pulled Under by Sarah Darlington

Title: Pulled Under
Author: Sarah Darlington

Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Sarah Darlington

Pub Date: September 1, 2015
Rating:4 Stars

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Firsts~ Happenstance~Perceptions

I loved Pulled Under!  It was the perfect read to pull me out of my current book funk!  I read Pulled Under in a day.  I didn’t want to put it down; I was pulled in right from the start.

This book has it all…angst, love lost and love found.  I loved following Sydney on her journey of loving someone from afar; having that chance to get to know them, only to realize that you never really knew them at all.  Holding on to what you thought ‘love’ was, only to be proved wrong.

We meet Sydney on her 16th birthday; she is smart, funny, spunky and invisible to everyone in her school.  Like any 16-year- old girl she has a crush on the popular boy, Ben, except with this story, he knows who she is. When she walks in on Ben with his girlfriend, her dreams of a relationship with him are crushed. 

Dealing with having her heart broken by the boy who doesn’t know she’s in love with him, she meets Rhett.  Rhett is a lot older, not to mention the town’s man-whore and bad boy.  They share a kiss, and an undeniable spark. Rhett made Sydney forget about her broken heart. When Rhett finds out her age, he sends her away, but tells her to find him when she’s older. 

A few years later, Sydney discovers that she and Ben have a college class together; she takes the leap and tries to get to know him better and the two become friends.  When tragedy strikes though, she turns to the one man who was able to make her forget her heartbreak before, Rhett.  Sydney vows to never make the same mistakes twice…if she loves someone she is going to tell them. 

What happens when you can’t let go of someone? When past and present collide? Love isn’t only a feeling, it’s an action.

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