Review: Surviving Ice by K.A. Tucker

Title: Surviving Ice
Series: Burying Water #4
Author: K.A. Tucker

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Atria

Pub Date: October 27, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

K.A. Tucker has done it again. Surviving Ice is a well-plotted novel with just the right balance of suspense and romance. The final book in the Burying Water series revolves around Ivy and Sebastian (aka Ice). Their paths cross under unsavory terms but strong moral compasses lead them out of the dark together.

Ivy is a tough-as-nails independent nomad who prefers uncommitted and brief relationships over anything that would force her to put stock in another individual (other than family and close friends). Sebastian is an ex-Navy SEAL working for a contracted security company that is finding itself in hot water. Ivy and Sebastian are similar in many ways but also very different, which allows for an intriguing dynamic and captivating development.

I really appreciated how individual character “flaws” were treated respectfully by the other characters and accepted. Ivy is temperamental, stubborn, and tenacious to a fault but her friends, family, and even Sebastian work with those traits rather than chastise her for it. Sebastian is secretive and is slow to open up but Ivy doesn’t push him; she shows interest and care but doesn’t push him beyond his comfort zone out of respect. These respectful reactions allow for no unnecessary drama in this story. No one overreacts to a small misunderstanding. Large fights don’t break out because someone isn’t getting their way. Everyone acts like adults (well, except for Fez) and I find that refreshing. People get upset over the actions and behaviors of others but Tucker never stretches those emotions out longer than needed.

I really enjoyed reading about Ivy and I found the ending believable. Ivy plays by different rules but, like Sebastian, she has a strong moral compass and that leads her to people she can trust and love. Ivy and Sebastian complement each other well, giving and taking in order to balance each other out. Their relationship feels real and truly worth the investment as a reader.

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