Jenny's Review: Grin & Beard It by Penny Reid

Title: Grin & Beard It
Series: The Winston Brothers #2

Author: Penny Reid
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humor
Publisher: Caped Publishing

Pub Date: May 31, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars
Originally posted on No BS Book Reviews

Our thoughts...

Full disclosure: I love everything Penny Reid writes. This book could possibly be more of a four-star story to the average reader, but for me, it’s five stars all the way. With that being said, I’m going to try to justify my reasons for loving this book so that you don’t think I’m all blind love and rose-colored glasses.

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with these characters; I really enjoyed reading about them. Jethro is a reformed bad-boy (of the unsavory variety) who is dead-set on making amends for his past transgressions to the point of being obsessed with redemption. He feels he needs to constantly make up for his past self, rarely looking to the future. Sienna is a famous actress/screenwriter/comedian and her “America’s Sweetheart” status is instantly understandable. She is charming, witty, smart, and so confident in who she is (and rightfully so). They stumble across each other and, without Jethro knowing Sienna is famous, instantly groove well together. This isn’t insta-love or anything; they just genuinely get along and respect each other from the get-go. This turns into a real slow-burning romance that will keep you anxious for the next chapter in the best way possible. 

The romance between Jethro and Sienna is sweet, sexy, full of tension, and enjoyable. These two are respectable, mature, intelligent people, and for that, I am grateful. Drama arises and they react like any decent people would and then they handle it in a mature fashion. The drama isn’t drawn out to fluff the story, people don’t overreact for extensive periods of time to add pages to the book; the story focuses on two people finding and accepting each other, not on unnecessary drama. 

Aside from Jethro and Sienna, Grin and Beard It gives us more time with Cletus. The next book in the Winston Brothers series is Beard Science and it is Cletus’ story. I can’t wait! Cletus is truly a unique character, which is saying a lot coming from the Winston family. He is brilliant and quite unassuming. What lies behind his calm exterior is a whole lot of power and I am excited to get inside his head.

This book warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. The slow-burning romance was just right and the dialogue is fully of charm and smart humor. Penny Reid has a knack for writing characters I can relate to in some capacity and this story is no exception. I enjoy all of the characters in the Winston Brothers series and love learning more about each of them. If you aren’t familiar with the family, I suggest you pick up Grin and Beard It, Truth or Beard, and/or Beauty and the Mustache. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 

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