Terri's Review: Stanton Bliss by T.L. Swan

Title: Stanton Bliss
Series: Stanton Series #4

Author: T.L. Swan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: T.L. Swan

Pub Date: June 5, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

This was the ending I needed! This book improved the whole series for me. I was disappointed after Stanton Completely. I felt that Joshua and Natasha had already dealt with enough; they deserved their HEA.  Boy do they get it in this book. Plus we get to visit #Poundtown again; who doesn’t like poundtown?

Stanton Bliss picks up right where Stanton Completely ends. Natasha is back in Joshua arms; their wedding is mere pages away. Joshua and Natasha are both trying to overcome issues of their past; this book isn’t all sunshine and flowers. We have plenty of angst and lots of steamy scenes.

I must admit that I do like me some Lambo, I like the fact that Presh doesn’t back down to him to this very day.  I love feisty couples in bed and out of it! Plus, it looks like there will be some additional books releasing for some of my favorite supporting characters in the Stanton Series.

Read it!

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