Polly's Review: Perfect Rage by Nashoda Rose

Title: Perfect Rage
Series: Unyeilding Book 3

Author: Nashoda Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Nashoda Rose

Pub Date: July 26, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

At this point I'm thinking that everything Nashoda writes is gold. I don't have many authors that I auto buy for but she's for sure one of them these days. Her writing and stories are so gritty and yet hot and touching at the same time. She draws me in from page one and this one was no different. 

Quick note: This is NOT a stand alone. I would not read this one without reading the others. You need the full picture here. If you haven't read the others in this series: stop what you are doing and one click right now. All of them. You're welcome ;) 

From the other books we know Connor is Georgie's (from book 1) brother. He went away for the military and never came back. He was presumed to be dead but Deck (also from book 1 and and Connor's best friend) knew something was fishy and never gave up hope at finding him. 

Alina we met briefly in the last book. We know she was married to the head drug cartel bastard and was saved when Deck's team blew up their compound. 

In this book we get their story from the beginning and man was it tough to read at times. When they met before everything went down it was so sweet. You could feel their love for each other jump off the page. Even though you knew it was all going to blow up in their face soon, you couldn't help to be so invested in their relationship. When it all went to hell it made it even tougher to stomach. 

This book is one about over coming adversity and trauma. Both of these characters have been to hell and back and the only thing that is helping them cope is each other and their love. 

I really loved this book and I'm dying for more to come. 

PS: that cover?!! So hot

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