Terri's Review: Sugar Rush by Sawyer Bennett

Title: Sugar Rush
Series: Sugar Bowl #2

Author: Sawyer Bennett
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Loveswept

Pub Date: August 16, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Holy roller coaster ride of emotions! This book has it all. There were moments of pure frustration between Sela and Beck followed by some of the sweetest moments this couple has had.

You can feel all the pain that Sela has experienced, that no woman should ever have to experience in her life, along with Becks helplessness to her situation, wishing he could right the wrong that happened to her so many years ago.

The way that Sela’s rape was written and her struggle for recovery was well done in my opinion.  I can only imagine the pain, heartbreak, daily struggles that go along with a brutal attack. I liked that Sela wasn’t magically fixed, that she had work to regain her life all the ups and downs that she endured, the support system she had and the way she coped. Beck wasn’t someone who fixed her, he saw her; the real Sela, saw her hidden pain and wanted to help her come out of that protective shell she existed in so she could enjoy life.

Seriously this books ending wasn’t as shocking as the Sugar Daddy’s ending to me, but equally as gripping. I need Sugar Free and I need it now. I have to know that this ends with a HEA for one amazingly strong, fierce and loving woman and her true love! 
Read it!

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