Say Anything: The Walking Dead by Anjee

Whew! What a night eh? If you don’t know what I am talking about, I’m about to fill you in. As many or just about everyone knows in my personal life I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Let’s just say I’m a Walking Dead extremist. Like so many others I can’t seem to stop myself. You see I am a doomsdayer by heart. I love all things apocalypse (especially books). And once I started watching a TV show about an apocalypse I couldn’t tear my eyes away. 

It isn’t the world about zombie’s that has me intrigued. No, it’s really about the humans, and how they react to survival. The emotional torment plagued to them in their moral compass. They have had so many things to go through in the past six seasons it’s a wonder they are still all alive. What The Walking Dead teaches us is not that we have a form of entertainment, it’s that it’s so well written we can feel with these characters and their decisions. It certainly plays out to what could ever happen if there were some disaster or situation where you are finding yourself roughing it.
So without further ado. 

We had the first episode of season 7 last night. I do running comments on my page about the show. Let’s just say I thought I was prepared for the person or persons getting the old bat Lucille to the forehead, but I really wasn’t prepared for how real and gruesome it was. Everyone around the internet was flipping their shit at those scenes. It was just plain awful. Negan played by Jeffery Dean Morgan has now created the world's most evil Villian. 
Rick has been gutted.

 He had decisions to make during the whole episode. It was awful. He was all up in his head space about his closest’s friends dying, and let’s not mention the fact that he was going to cut off his own son’s arm. I looked over at my husband at that point and asked him if he could do that to our son. He said no that everyone would just have to die. I had to agree. I don’t know about you, but I probably would have just checked out at that point. I’m weak at times, and I don’t know how he will ever get through this. I guess we have to watch and find out. 
I pretty much felt so sick and sad for my girl Maggie. I could never imagine in a million years what would happen if I had to watch the love of my life perish in such a horrifying way. 

Let’s not forget Carol and Morgan are now with a different type of community, and I am anxious as hell to see what Ezekiel and his famous tiger are about.

 So we had two people leave us on The Walking Dead. And I pretty much cried about it all. After watching The Talking Dead (the aftershow), I feel ok about it. They will be on our minds for awhile because we will need our vengeance as viewers. These people may be fictional, but they are a part of our everyday lives, and I am going to go with them till the end if possible. 


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