New Release: Battle Of The Heart by Jessica Florence

Title: Battle of the Heart
Series: Of the Heart #3
Author: Jessica Florence
Release Date: Nov 9, 2016
Thalia and Tristan have overcome trial after trail in their journey. Not even death could part them. But now a new threat plagues the recently wedded couple.
Thalia's pregnancy scares the Gods. Never has there been a union of a Greek demigod and an Egyptian God.
The couple must fight every obstacle the Gods throw their way, or lose their growing family. Together with their friends they must enter a war against the Gods themselves.
Old enemies unite, Lives are at stake, and only one side will win.
It's the final battle of the heart, a battle that will either bring about death or new life.
Will Tristan and Thalia finally get their happy ending?
Or will they lose everything they've fought for all this time?
As my feet pounded the pavement, my brain started to consume me. So many questions. So many variables left unknown. When I neared the apartment, I felt like I was being watched. Looking around, I didn’t see anyone, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there. Coming to a stop, I let my mind seek out anything unnatural. Bingo. I flashed to the tree in front of our building, where someone was crouched down, watching me with a camera. I was on him in a second. 
“What are you doing?” I roared at him. The man was wearing a hat, jeans, and a red shirt. He looked like a normal man, but I knew differently. You couldn’t fool a god. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The look on this man’s face said he was lying. He must know who I was, to be spying on me. Why lie?
“You have thirty seconds to tell me, before I turn you to ash,” I threatened. His face paled. 
“I was just seeing how long you were gone. They asked me to see if you would leave the woman. Shit, I was just doing as I was told, man.” He started to sing, but I needed more.
“Who is they?” I jerked him against the tree. I felt his power sizzle a little, but he was just a demigod, no match for me. I truly did wonder if he knew who I was. 
“I can’t tell you man, they will kill me.”  So cliché. Didn’t he realize that I could kill him with one shove of my power into him? I decided he needed just a bit more incentive. With my one hand pinning him to the tree, my other hand drifted across his ear, turning it to ash before my eyes. A slight smile appeared on my face. Beyond my fight to save Thalia, I had been tamed for too long. 
“Ah!” the man screamed. 
“Tell me who they are?” I asked again, and this time he was singing all I wanted to hear.
“The gods, man! My father Hermes sent me to spy on you! You must have done something to piss them off. Please let me go!”  I dropped him down, and forced him look me in the eye. It was time to set some things straight.
“I am Anubis, you little shit. I will spare your life, as long as you run back to your gods and tell them these words: No one shall touch my wife or child. I will raze the earth to dust and shadow before I allow her to be harmed. No one will be safe from me if they even try.” I threw him ten feet away, hard.
“Run, little messenger,” I commanded.
Jessica Florence, Kaleidoscope of Romance

Author <3 PotterHead <3 Movie Geek Extraordinaire.

Writer of Surviving Valentine. The of The Heart trilogy, Evergreen, Lights of Scotland Series, and The Final Love series.

When she's not writing her next invigorating story. You can find her running her own business, and spending time with her husband and daughter in southwest Florida.

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