Anjee's Review: Feversong by Karen Marie Moning

Title: Feversong
Series: Fever #9

Author: Karen Marie Moning
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Random House

Pub Date: January 17, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

Epic ending to an epic series. As some of you may have noticed I attended Fevercon with around 600 Moning Maniacs last weekend. It was an experience of a lifetime. I have been to signings before, but this one was completely bad ass. Everyone I met was just as nice as they could be. Pleasant to be around, and just chat about books in general.
If you are familiar with the Fever world, then you know all about Chester’s. The infamous night club owned by our very own Ryodan himself. It was recreated in New Orleans at a warehouse, and it was probably the most fun I have had in a long time. Imagine an old warehouse with chandeliers, bars on every level, tarot readings and tattoo services in the corners. There were costume contests for different characters in the books, dancing and getting to hang out and take pictures with Karen herself. The vibe was strong.
The signing concluded on Sunday. I was anxious to get Feversong early. I was slightly terrified I would read it too fast and then be empty and hungover for days. Well, Don’t worry my pretty’s there will be a Dani story to finish up Fever world next year! Yep, that’s right. I thought we were going to be permanently done with her too, but alas Karen assured in the Q&A the next Fever world book will be Dani. EEP!
Now for my review and pictures below.

I know there will be lots of spoilers all over the place in the next coming week, but I am going to try to keep it short, sweet and to the point.
This book was more than I expected. We get to finish up our story with Mac in the driver seat. The journey and emotional rollercoaster I went through in this book knew no bounds. Every page I read poured out the emotions in me. The way Mac was so young and innocent in the beginning to going through all the trials and tribulations with the Sinsar Dubh and Barrons himself. Man, what an epic kind of love eh? It is definitely not your standard trope.  I’m not even rightly sure I can do it justice by putting Feversong into words. It’s all feels. I’ll be honest and let you know these characters are family to me. I have lived, died, and breathed their moments. The last 150 pages peeled away my soul. I cried. I cried for the lives they have lived. I cried for death. I cried for joy. I cried for the universe they lived in.  I. Cried. 

5 sun, moon, and stars epic journey.

It will remain my favorite series for years to come. Of that, I have no doubt.

“You were a woman who knew her own strength. Powerful. Resolute. Beautiful.” –Barrons to Mac

“Things never stop going wrong. Life isn’t about waiting for peace to arrive, it’s about learning to thrive in the midst of war. There’s always another one on the way.” – Barrons to Mac

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