Ashley's Review: Royally Matched by Emma Chase

Title: Royally Matched
Series: Royally #2

Author: Emma Chase
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Emma Chase

Pub Date: February 21, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

Loved this book! Anything Emma Chase writes is an automatic one click for me. I loved the first book in this series and couldn’t want for the next one. You will not be disappointed with Henry’s story.

Henry is now the heir to the throne and can’t seem to do anything right. His whole life he hasn’t had to worry about all the politics. He was able to lead a life without being in the true spotlight like his brother was. Now that Nicolas has given up the thrown to marry is love Olivia, Henry has some big shoes to fill.

Henry is offered a reality show, a royal edition. He later sees this as a good opportunity to escape from everything and maybe have some fun.

Sarah is shy and keeps to herself. She has anxiety and loud noises seem to make her space out. Her sister Penelope is the outgoing type and loves to act. They get approached to do the show, which Sarah turns down. Penelope is excited about the prospect of being on a show and has to beg her sister to do it.

Will Sarah be able to step outside her comfort zone and win the prince over? This was pure perfection at its greatest! There are so many times I laughed and times when I really felt for the characters. I am loving this series and all the characters. 

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