Ashley's Review: American Prince by Sierra Simone

Title: American Prince
Series: American Queen #2

Author: Sierra Simone
Genre: Dark Romance
Publisher: Sierra Simone

Pub Date: March 7, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...
Wow, she's done it again! I'm speechless. Sierra sure knows how to draw you in, make you fall in love and break you all at the same time!! That's when you know you've got a truly AMAZING story. 

Thank goodness you pick up we're we left off in book one American Queen. If you haven't read that book you need to before you read American Prince. There are so many secrets and scandals going on your head will spin but in the best ways possible. 

Oh my gosh I just love Ash, Embry and Greer. I mean what isn't to love about the three of them. They have this crazy chemistry that sizzles right off the page. 

I'm not going to go into any details you have to read for your self to find out. Just know you will want to throw your kindle. Get ready for a rollercoaster you don't want to get off of. This is a MUST read!! I'm dying for book 3!!

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