Terri's Review: American Prince by Sierra Simone

Title: American Prince
Series: American Queen Trilogy #2

Author: Sierra Simone
Genre: Dark Romance
Publisher: Sierra Simone

Pub Date: March 7, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars 

Our thoughts...
Wow and Oh Shit were my first thoughts after finishing American Prince. My second thought was I need American King NOW!! I didn’t think this series could get  any better, but damn, Sierra killed it with this book.

We start right where American Queen left off; Greer has been abducted and the question is what are Ash and Embry going to do about it? How are they going to get her back? Who is going to be the one to get her?

This book is flipping between past and present like we did in AQ but we are hearing Embry’s side of the story. Let me tell you it’s as sad as it is hot! We do have some chapters that are from Greer’s POV and her role in the book is one of strength, pain and love. 

There are twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. The  sex scenes between Ash and Embry or Ash, Greer and Embry are hot, I mean REALLY HOT!! When you get to about 62% ( I believe) message me because hot damn that scene is still running though my mind!

For all you people who hate cliffhangers this book has one, it's more of a ‘Oh Wow’ , ‘Oh Shit’ kind of cliff. We are left wondering what Ash is going to do next. I can’t stop thinking about these characters and what Sierra is going to do next. Her mind is a talented and scary place I fear!!!

A must Read!!

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  1. Thanks for this awesome review Terri! I want to read this series!